This is a picture of the house when we bought it in 2003. She had great bones but was literally falling down. We did some research and found out where the house came from. The lot where the house was originally built is now a parking lot for a dentist in Marianna, FL.

Adam McNealy Lewis (b. 1880) built the house in 1909 for his wife Rosalind Hayes in Marianna, Florida. The house was on Greenwood Street. They raised five children in the house (there were six children; four girls, two boys, one girl died). During the Depression  one of their sons, his wife and two children and Rosalind's sister lived with them in the house. The other son lived in the garage apartment with his wife and son. 
Adam McNealy Lewis was a pharmacist by trade and owned and ran the town drug store. His family owned the patent on Lewis Eye Water and Salve which they sold in the drug store. His wife, Rosalind made ice cream every day for the drug store. She made it in the ice house they had in the back of the house. He was a partner in the Chipola Hotel in Marianna and was also a partner in a Limestone Quarry just outside the town. McNealy was an elder in the Presbyterian Church. He was a widely respected businessman and was instrumental in the founding and flourishing of the town of Marianna. In 1934 he was appointed to be  a U.S. Marshall by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Adam McNealy Lewis died in 1935. All businesses in Marianna closed in his honor on the day that he died. 

The house was kept in their family until Rosalind died in 1949. The house was sold and converted into apartments during the 1950s. The house was then sold to John Daffin and was restored to a single-family home. The Daffin's were a mercantile family in Marianna, Florida. The house stayed in the Daffin family (80s and 90s) until it was purchased by Terry Garner from the internet. The house was moved in three parts (bottom floor, top floor and wrap-around porch) by Duckey Johnson to the spot it sits in Inlet Beach, Florida. In 2003, it was bought and fully restored by Anna Hamer, Dan Jaul and partners.

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